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LIPP & NIME collaboration

February 17th, 2006

Following Josh’s great idea of collaborating for the end semester show at Tonic, I am keeping the sources that I have found which could be beneficial in terms of think-tank. I was reading Joseph Paradiso’s paper Electronic Music Interfaces, and he is pointing out good ideas approaching how to build a electronic musical interface.
I think [...]


February 13th, 2006

Max Mathews and Bill Verplank is teaching a nice class over Stanford for the last couple of years and I am aware of it now. The class is about building/experimenting new musical controllers, videos seem interesting, syllabus might be checked out periodically.
Joseph Paradiso (he is the director of the Responsive Environments Group)has paper dated 1998 [...]

Trevor Wishart and Sonic Art

February 10th, 2006

Following the discussion on the microSound list, I was introduced to new names, one of them is Trevor Wishart who pursued a challenge of reshaping the sound as we perceive and sculpturing it in a different sense. He played mostly with human voice and created different electroacoustic pieces with it. I was curious about his [...]

New goodies and ideas

January 27th, 2006

Again one of the nights that I am lost in the infinite world of world wide web jumping from that source to another. Actually I have discovered really interesting stuff.
I am trying to remember how it all started.. I have found this article about Electronic Music In Turkey after I saw the name Bulent Arel [...]

Digital Audio Synthesis Techniques/MIDI

January 25th, 2006

This semester Daniel Palkowski is instructing this class and I am in. Here is the syllabus for the class. In the first class we listened different pieces from different composers. The album was Early Modulations, Vintage Volts . We saw the differences between approach of composers to the electronic music, for example Morton Subotnick [...]