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Non-linear narratives in video

March 8th, 2006

I was reading this good article called Segmentation and Reassembly of the Digital Moving Image by Susanne Jaschko, and she was giving examples of different works starting from 1993 Toshio Iwai’s Another Time, Another Space which comings and goings of people through the station were filmed by cameras and were manipulated in realtime by [...]

lipp project updates

March 6th, 2006

We have ordered bunch of 880nm IR leds from super bright LEDs. Also I have come up with this useful information from the jitter list. Our webcam’s sensitivity could be dropped to 10-15% when it is sensing 880nm comparing to sensivity at visible wavelengths. We will see what we can do with our ISight.
Someone [...]

LIPP & NIME collaboration

February 17th, 2006

Following Josh’s great idea of collaborating for the end semester show at Tonic, I am keeping the sources that I have found which could be beneficial in terms of think-tank. I was reading Joseph Paradiso’s paper Electronic Music Interfaces, and he is pointing out good ideas approaching how to build a electronic musical interface.
I think [...]


February 13th, 2006

Max Mathews and Bill Verplank is teaching a nice class over Stanford for the last couple of years and I am aware of it now. The class is about building/experimenting new musical controllers, videos seem interesting, syllabus might be checked out periodically.
Joseph Paradiso (he is the director of the Responsive Environments Group)has paper dated 1998 [...]


February 13th, 2006

jit.op object lets you perform mathematical operations on all the data in the jitter matrix at once.
math operation will be determined by the attribute @op and provided by an operator.
ex jit.op @op pass + * – * meaning pass the alpha plane, add to the first plane, subtract from the second and multiply the scalar [...]

Jitter Tutorials Start

February 11th, 2006

At last…’s primary job is open a movie and read each frame one after other into RAM for easy access by other jitter objects.
jit.window gets that data in the RAM and shows it as colored pixels on the screen. (external window)
jit.pwindow does the same thing in the workspace.

mousestate gives mouse coordinates of the screen [...]

New goodies and ideas

January 27th, 2006

Again one of the nights that I am lost in the infinite world of world wide web jumping from that source to another. Actually I have discovered really interesting stuff.
I am trying to remember how it all started.. I have found this article about Electronic Music In Turkey after I saw the name Bulent Arel [...]

Reading Golan Levin’s Paper

January 22nd, 2006

I was reading Golan Levin’s paper about Computer Vision, and this area seems has lots of potential overall. In the beginning of his paper he gives a historical background of Computer Vision through Myron Krueger’s works, a figure that coined the term “artifical reality”. It looks like it is the first HCI using camera and [...]

Shiffman’s Reactive and Swarm

January 19th, 2006

First the precious link And from the papers :
Can an image behave? In other words, if a digital image is a visual representation of colors (i.e. pixels) on a grid (i.e. screen or piece of paper), what if each element of this grid were able to act on its own? A series of experiments in [...]